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Jaaneman Jaaneman by Mustibabu
An evergreen classic from 1976 movie - Jaanemann
Date: 2011-02-25 04:39:26 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1159 - Votes: 2 - Rating: 3
O Hansini Kahan Ud Chalee... by Mustibabu
This was my very first home recording, a romantic kishoreda number!
Date: 2010-06-22 17:24:47 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1736 - Votes: 98 - Rating: 4.99
Zindagi Ka Safar... by Mustibabu
Another very old recording of mine!
Date: 2010-06-22 17:16:19 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1569 - Votes: 98 - Rating: 4.99
Bin Phere Hum Tere... by Mustibabu
This is a slightly unusual sad song, which I guess many of you might not have heard before. So good are the lyrics and so much feelings Kishoreda has poured into this rendition that listening to it still brings a lump in my throat. Fell in love with it the first time I\'d heard it, probably 15yrs back. Its from a movie with the same name.
Date: 2010-06-22 17:07:22 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 2181 - Votes: 94 - Rating: 5
Tu Pee Aur Jee... by Mustibabu
An old popular Kishoreda song, remixed in my voice, from the movie Des Pardes, picturized on Dev Anand & Tina Muneem! It\'s a lighthearted, fun song, with a small message in it, that shouldn\'t be taken too seriously..:) Specially, not the kids! Hope you guys n gals like it! Would love to see your feedback on my cover version!
Date: 2010-06-22 16:55:15 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1571 - Votes: 93 - Rating: 4.99
Inteha Ho Gayi ... by Mustibabu
Presenting the deadly combination of Kishoreda and Amitabh, in Mustibabu\\\'s voice. the song needs no describing. had sung this a long time ago. hope it still sounds good..:)
Date: 2010-06-21 17:02:47 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1714 - Votes: 97 - Rating: 4.96
Chahiye Thoda Mustibabu
Fun, romantic song, from the movie Lahu Ke Do Rang. I saw this fim several times during those days only because of the fantastic songs in it! Chahiye aap sab ka pyaar jab aap isse meri awaaz mein sune....:)
Date: 2010-06-21 15:05:04 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1591 - Votes: 100 - Rating: 4.99
Gaadi Bula Rahi Mustibabu
An old recording, but one of my favorites! A lovely score by Laxmikant Pyarelal and beautifully penned by Anand Bakshi, from the movie Dost! Its an amazing song, superbly rendered and immortalized by Kishoreda. This is my cover version, and I hope its at least half as good as the original! Gaadi bula rahi hai Dost, der kis baat ki hai...:)
Date: 2010-06-21 14:08:56 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1721 - Votes: 102 - Rating: 5
Lehron Ki Tarah Mustibabu
My very first upload and the most recently sung and recorded. One of the countless Kishoreda classics in my voice! Hope you are moved by the rendition...:-)
Date: 2010-06-21 13:32:12 - Added by: Mustafa
Views: 1661 - Votes: 100 - Rating: 4.99
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