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Kishore's trademark in Bollywood

Initially Kishore Kumar did not have a style of his own, however despite the fact that he had no formal training, he learned to perfectly imitate K.L. Saigal (a famous playback singer in the 1930's).  Once the well renowned music composer S.D. Burman had come to Ashok Kumar's house (Kishore's elder brother) for a visit when he heard Kishore singing from afar, at his amazement he actually thought that it was K.L. Saigal himself and inquired if he was really there.  When he realized that it was Kishore, he genuinely appreciated his talent and encouraged the young boy to continue refining his voice and develop a style of his own. The great maestro Kishore Kumar eventually went on to develop a signature of his own, he perfected the art of yodeling that he learned from listening to his brother Anoop's Austrian music collection. His yodeling turned out to be widely popular in the entire industry of Indian cinema as well as becoming his trademark.