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Finalists 2010 PDF Print

(Winner of online contest 2010)

Hi, my name is Debabrata (Debu) Mukherji. I am originally from Howrah, West Bengal�now in Mumbai (Panvel) for service. Music has been my passion since my teen age. I am a big fan of Kishore Kumar and He is my guru. Earlier I was not at all serious about singing but nowadays I am enjoying singing with karaoke very much. Wish me a lot of luck if you have enjoyed listening to me even a little bit. Thank you.

Finals song selection

1. Agar Sunle To Ek Naghma
2. Main Shayar Badnam
3. Kuch To Log Kahenge

My name is Ajit Patil From Kolhapur, Maharastra currently in Kolhapur for service. I love Music and I am a big fan of Kishoreda since my teen age years. He Is.. God for me and I enjoy singing with karaoke tracks as well as live orceshtra. Thanks..

Finals song selection:

Hi, I am Rakesh Baro , an IT professional with Wipro Technologies

India,who loves to sing Kishoreji's songs.I have been singing his

songs since my childhood .I am grateful to , that

they have given a nice platform to Kishoreji's fans to show their love

and affection for maestro's voice and songs.

I am a die hard fan of kishore kumar, and started singing his songs from my child hood, I have no back ground on learning any kind of music , but with the grace of god,i am true to beats and scale ,which is very important in any kind of music. With the help of my friends , I have learnt how to sing kishore kumar songs with feeling and emotions. Rest i would like to leave it on the almighty to decide my destiny.I have sung and recorded more than 40 songs at home ,I can provide you (admi) the songs if you ask for.

Thanking you
Jitendra Joshi (jeetu)

Finals song selection:

1) Dil kya kare
2) Teri Duniya Se
3) Khilte hai gul yahan

Hi, I am Soumitra from Canberra , Australia. I am originally from Kolkata , India now settled in Australia. Kishore Kumar has always been my favorite singer. I have been listening to him since the day i was born ! I merely try to sing his songs since its impossible to sing like him. From soft romantic numbers �to yoddling , he was a genius. There can be only one Kishore Kumar ever. Hope you like my attempts . Thank you.

My three selected songs are:

Hi, My name is Manoj singh Rathore From Itarsi(madhya Pradesh), for business. I love Music and I am a big fan of Kishoreda
I consider him like my Guru and I enjoy singing with karaoke tracks. Thanks..

Finals song selection:

About me..., I am a Rajasthani by birth and have been brought up and living in Kuwait throughout my life. I work for a multinational company here, as an Operations Incharge for running sales on board Kuwait Airways airline. From childhood, I've been fascinated by the 2 greatest ever legends of our film industry: Kishoreda and Amitabh Bachchan. No matter where I am and what I'm doing, I'm always inadvertently trying to either imitate, mimic or emulate these 2 stalwarts. I've never learned music or taken any singing classes. Nor do I have any family history in singing! Whatever I know is fueled by my intense passion and fervor to sing and sound like the great Kishore Kumar. Also, I might have sung live on stage in my college only once in my whole life, because I'm very self-conscious and a bit bashful. Its true I still have a very very long way to go in singing correct technically, for which I should begin proper and professional training and practice.

The 3 songs selection:

Hi, My name Surajit Chatterjee. Originally from Kolkata, India, but have been living in New York & Florida for the past 30 years. I have been an avid music lover since I was a little kid. Music in one word is ' WORLD ' to me. Though I do not have any formal training, I am blessed with adequate learning ears which enables me to sing a little that I do. I sincerely appreciate K4Kishore for the opportunity they created for me here and you listeners for taking out your valuable time to listen to me. Would also appreciate your honest opinion and suggestions to correct my flaws, which I realize are in plentiful, lol...

Finals song selection